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A Search For The Truth by Tony Drury (Novella Nostalgia Series)

Paperback: 105 pages                                                                                                  
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Publisher: City Fiction
Source: Author in exchange for an unbiased review.
First Sentence: They stripped him naked and tied his hands to the metal brackets coming out of the inner wall of the groundman's shed.
Favourite Quote: The title is implausible: ' To Define a Jew'. Does he seriously think that in six weeks and ten thousand words you can explain a religion and its culture, centuries of history, the birth of a nation, the Palestinian conflict, political tensions and the corrupt world of anti-Semitism?   
Main Characters: Lily Jane Huddleston, James Fetterman, Steve Laing and Israel Rabinovich
Setting: England
My Opinion:  'A Search for The Truth' is Book Six in the Novella Nostalgia Series. As I have mentioned in previous reviews, I am not a fan of the genre and no nothing really about the movies they are inspired by. Tony Drury's writing has always been a pleasure to read, my favourite novel of his is Megan's Game , however I have appreciated the opportunity to read and review the Novella Nostalgia Series.  This title is an insight into Judaism, a sensitive subject to write about, in just 105 pages we are given a very readable story. The protagonist Lily is working on her dissertation to enable her to obtain a 1st class Honours degree. Her university tutor Steve, her boyfriend James and a trainee Rabbi Israel are all pivotal in decisions she must make with regard to her future. The warmth of the character Lily shines through and I would enjoy getting to see how this character would have developed in a full length novel.
I recommend the series in general and this title in particular to fans of the genre as they are fun to read, a successful and innovative idea that appeals to a wide cross section of readers.

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                                  Novella Nostalgia Series

Précis Courtesy of Goodreads:

Can undergraduate Lily Jane gain an honours degree by completing a special dissertation and, in doing so, make the right choice out of two men who want to define her future?
Lily, a Gentile, is coming to the end of her university course and cannot accept that she doesn’t warrant an honours degree. Tutor Steve relents and challenges her to write a ten-thousand word analysis of Judaism in six weeks. She clashes with her partner who abhors anti-Semitism and has recently joined the Jewish Labour movement. She visits a synagogue and meets an assistant rabbi who offers to help her.
Lily relishes her discovery of Judaism: understanding its history, laws, writings, festivals and the pioneering establishment of Israel. She struggles to understand the causes and consequences of anti-Semitism.
As her dissertation takes shape, she becomes attached to two men who attract and encourage her. She defers making a choice until the dissertation is delivered to her tutor. Will she score high enough to be awarded an honours degree and what decision does she make?
Lily is on a voyage of discovery about Judaism, life and relationships.
It might all go very wrong for her...

Author Profile:

Tony has an about page on his website which I refer you to for biographical information.

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