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A Flash of Lightning by Tony Drury


Paperback: 280 pages                                                                                             
Genre: Romantic Thriller
Publisher: City Fiction 2013
Source: Publishers 
First Sentence: Matthew Orlando Buckingham, obviously known as 'Mob', was angry, very angry.
Main Characters: DCI Sarah Rudd, Matthew Buckingham, Jessica and Nick Rudd.
Setting: England

My Opinion: This was Tony Drury's fourth novel which I am ashamed to say I read in 2016 and never got round to publishing my review, for which I apologise. I have always enjoyed his writing and 'A Flash of Lightning' was no exception.  An exciting and enjoyable read, with an insight into the London financial world, some good plots. The references to The Great Train Robbery of 1963 were particularly interesting to me as I remember being fascinated by this robbery when it took place,  I was just 11 years old!  Recommended to those that like some romance mixed with intrigue. 

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Précis Courtesy of Back Cover:

Jessica agrees with her mother; it's time she had a baby.
She's given up looking for the right father.

City financier, Matthew has raised £6 million to make a film.
Now it's gone missing and his neck is on the line.

DCI Sarah Rudd has learned that there are terrorists planning to murder 400 people. She doesn't know where or how and now her brilliant career is threatened.

Will DCI Rudd uncover the terrorist plot in time to save the nation? Who has taken the film money? Will Matthew find the love o his life and a new mother for his daughter? And why is The Great Train Robbery on everybody's mind?

Author Profile:

                                           Tony Drury

       Tony has an about page on his website which I refer you to for biographical information.

Photographs, Trailer and Biographical Information courtesy of the following sites.

City Fiction Publishing - FB     City Fiction Publishing - Website    Tony Drury on Twitter

Tony Drury - Amazon Author Page     Author's Official Website      Goodreads Profile

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