Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dark Water by Jan Ruth

Paperback: 298 pages  (767 KB Kindle Edition)
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Fiction
Celtic Connections (5 July 2014) (Kindle Edition)
Source: The author in return for an unbiased and honest review. 
First Sentence: 'As Friday's went it was the worst Jack could ever remember.

Review Quote: 'The author is skilled in pacing resolutions and reveals, and in peppering the narrative with just enough relatively minor details of the character's daily lives to make the whole seem credible and true to life'.  Anne Stormont, Author.

My Opinion: A narrative set in reality.

 I must start with an admission that when I picked this novel up to read a few weeks ago I was under the impression that I had already reviewed Wild Water to which this is a sequel.  Unfortunately it seems I never did. Having read it in 2013 not a good year for me, I must have got distracted so I must apologise to the author who had kindly supplied me with a copy for my Kindle. I read the sequel as a paperback edition and I will admit to still preferring a book in my hands. Do not get me wrong though I do love my Kindle, perfect for travel situations. 

My memories of how I first came across the author Jan Ruth are I am sorry to say confused in my mind, the year I have had I think I can be forgiven. It was I know early in the year when I discovered that she is based in Wales and that some of her wrting is actually set in the Snowdonia National Park, which I am now living right on the edge of. Well I just had to read her books as the locations of a novel are always of great interest to me. It was very evident from her writing that the author has a strong connection with the Welsh landscape. I will definitely be reading this author's work in the future as she writes with passion about the landscape and her characters come alive in ones mind with her humorous and skilful story telling.

Although Dark Water will have you smiling at times it is also a very sinister and dramatic read as you are drawn into Jack's tragic life. Living part time with his gorgeous girlfriend Anna, you just keep wondering how life is going to pan out for these two? Will the menacing presence of Simon Banks ruin things for ever. You will not know unless you read this for yourself, if you enjoy a narrative that is both set in reality, yet never dull this is one for you.

Recommended to all fans of Contemporary Romantic Fiction, Country Life and Wales 

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Goodreads Précis:

The tragedy and comedy that is Jack’s life; is there a future for him and Anna, or is the past too destructive?

Jack Redman, estate agent to the Cheshire set and skilled juggler of complex relationships. Someone to break all the rules, or an unlikely hero? In this sequel to Wild Water Jack and Anna return to discover that history repeats itself. Anna’s long-awaited success as a serious artist is poised to happen, but her joy, along with her relationship with Jack, is threatened by old scores. 

Simon Banks is a depressed and unstable man with a plan. He wants to wipe out his past by buying a brighter future, but Jack Redman stands in his way. Will Jack ever escape the legacy of lies and deceit left by his ex-wife? Can Jack and Anna hold it all together, or will tragic repercussions from Jack’s past blow them apart forever?

Author Profile

Jan Ruth was born in Bowden, Cheshire, England on November 23rd the year has not been revealed. She has felt a strong connection to Wales for many years and in 1998 she moved there to live.  Her novels feature the rugged Welsh landscape and more often than not, her love of dogs and horses. Although she writes serious love stories with strong characterisation, she also captures the humour of modern everyday life and the endless complications of relationships.

She has been writing for more than 30 years and despite various dalliances with the more traditional publishing routes, she is now pleased to be an independent author.   She now writes contemporary women's fiction. Love stories with strong, identifiable characters, about family life and relationships

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