Sunday, December 27, 2009

That's Another Story by Julie Walters

Reading this autobiography it felt like Julie Walters was actually talking to me and I could hear her voice and laugh in my head as she relates tales from her rise to fame. However Julie Walters has only written an autobiography about her public persona, apart from her childhood reminisinces there is nothing about her private life, which makes it lacking autobiographically and certainly left me feeling more than a little disappointed. I wanted to learn more about the Julie Walters we do not know. It also only takes us to the birth of her daughter so maybe she will write a sequel later that will let us know a little more about Julie the private person rather than just about Julie the actresss.

Her childhood and adolscence in fifties Birmingham is an amusing picture of her life growing up with two elder brothers, attending the local convent and where her love of entertaining others first developed. Her stardom and fame is actually covered in far less detail than her childhood and it would have been interesting to read more background details about her various well known performances. She has played so many unforgettable characters over the years.However with such a career and cast of characters to her name it would have become a very large volume indeed.

A warm and entertaining memoir worth reading and I do not think any fan of Julie Walters will be disappointed but I do think you will be left feeling there is still a lot more to learn about the real woman behind the actresss.

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