Monday, January 24, 2022

Swallowtail Summer by Erica James


Erica James has written over twenty novels and over the years I have read the vast majority. There were a few in recent years that I missed so I am currently catching up on her back catalogue. 'Swallowtail Summer' took me to familiar territory as set in the Norfolk Broads where I have spent many holidays over the years. The descriptions are very realistic, so I was able to visualise the settings perfectly.

The story takes place in and around Linston End a much loved house set on the banks of one of the rivers. It has been the scene of many happy gatherings for the owner and his two best friends, plus their families for several decades. That is all about to change as unexpected news unsettles the equilibrium as the friends struggle to come to terms with what is happening.

The author has written a very readable contemporary novel that reveals a surprising number of secrets within its pages. A well-constructed story about family, friendships, love and loss. Recommended if you are looking for escapism that has some depth.

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