Wednesday, January 19, 2022

A Rose Petal Summer by Katie Fforde

Katie Fforde is an author I turn to when I am in need of romantic escapism. I have been reading her novels since 1995 when she was first published, so can safely call myself a long time fan of her writing.

Our heroine Caro has taken a job in Scotland as an elderly gentleman’s companion, as she feels in need of a change from living on her barge in London whilst her daughter is away travelling. So, begins a magical and romantic summer that takes her from London to Scotland and back plus trips to the South of France. The latter in search of a classic lost perfume with plenty of love and romance in the mix.

Another 4* read from an author that knows how to lift a reader’s spirits, definitely this reader anyway. The storyline may be a somewhat cute and unlikely scenario but honestly is this not what we want from this author? A feel good read that I am sure her many fans will enjoy, just don’t read if you are looking for something deep and meaningful.

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