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Tai O - Love Stories of the Fishing Village by Wong Wai King

Paperback: 185 pages                                                                                             
Genre: Non-Fiction, Social History,
Publisher: Wong Wai King, 2000
Source: Purchased in Tai O from the author.
First Sentence: Lantau is the largest island in Hong Kong and Tai O is situated at its south west.
Favourite Quote:Stilt houses have been in Tai O for more than 200 years.
Setting: Tai O, Lantau Island, Hong Kong.
My Opinion: Tai O is an old fishing village on Lantau Island in Hong Kong. I purchased this directly from the author on my last visit to Tai O. It is a delightful social history of the village in Chinese and English with lots of photographs and covers the period from 1920 until the publication date of 2000. It is well worth reading if you have ever visited, or plan to do so, or you are interested in travel and social history. This atmospheric village on stilts that although much changed still feels it is living in a time warp.  A very special place, that visitors to Hong Kong should try and visit to help appreciate that there is so much more to explore in Hong Kong beyond the city.

Video ' Tai O Village ' Courtesy of YouTube and Ed Pal

Author Profile

The author Wong Wai King was born in 1958. She grew up in Tai O and the book is her true memory of the fishing village. She spent years gathering valuable information which along with  photographers contributions has made this book possible.

Education: Finished Form 3, Ming Yuen Secondary School
Profession: Housewife, Mother of two sons
Community participation experience: Since 1982 she has participated in Community Work in Tai O and in 1992 The Young Most Outstanding Young Volunteer Women Award.
In 2000 she was a present member of the Tai O Culture Workshop.

I have no up to date information beyond 2000 when the book was published as when I spoke to her in Tai O I did not think to ask, maybe next time I visit, I will have the pleasure of meeting her again.

Photographs: Are My Own and those of Christopher Cheng.
Trailer: About the village is from YouTube, credits above. 
Biographical Information courtesy of the book itself.

You Tube Video     

Facebook Search for Wong Wai King turned up this public post. With thanks to Christopher Cheng 
Every place needs its own heroes. In one of the city’s oldest fishing villages Ms Wong Wai King is that sort of person. An ambassador of local culture and heritage, who for the past 20 years have been fighting against capitalist forces of grandiose developement or should I say destruction. She is a local hero; passionate in what she does, a messager, and voice of the community. She has a heart of gold. Hong Kong needs more people like you! Thanks for coming to one of my favourite places --Tai OJenni and exploring the rest of Lantau Island with me as well. Trust you had a great day and leave with many favourable memories of Hong Kong!

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