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How to Hong Kong by Lena Sin and Nicholas Tay

Hardback: 124 pages                                                                                                 
Genre: Hong Kong, China, Art, Photography, Social History,
Publisher: Blacksmith Books 2017
Source: Amazon
First Sentence: If nostalgia is hereditary, then mine must come from my mother who's prone to reminding me time and again how much better the Hong Kong of her childhood was - a time when the streets felt wide and breezy, the city more a village than a metropolis.
Setting: Hong Kong
My Opinion: I absolutely love this delightful book, an illustrated travel journal of Hong Kong a place that I have grown to love. Thanks to my daughter moving to live in Hong Kong I have had many opportunities to visit this city that is seen by many as just a modern and commercial city. The couple have successfully portrayed the more intimate side of a place they obviously love with a passion. Full of Lena's memories of her upbringing in Hong Kong, plus stories from locals, stunning illustrations and photographs the different neighbourhoods come alive on the page. Many of the places they visit are familiar to me but there are also plenty of for me personally undiscovered delights which I will have to explore on my next trip.
Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys virtual travel, or is planning a trip there or if you are like me already in love with this city.

Précis Courtesy of Goodreads:

In this joyful travel sketchbook, Hong Kong is captured through the hearts of a writer and an artist. From the winding, incense-filled streets of Sheung Wan to the pandemonium of a wet market in North Point to the sleepy island backwater of Tai O, Lena Sin and Nicholas Tay take you on a wonder-filled journey that shines a light on the softer, more romantic side of this chaotic city. Filled with tales of growing up in Hong Kong, Lena weaves personal anecdotes and conversations with locals into richly illustrated watercolours and photographs by herself and her artist husband Nicholas. The result is an intimate portrait of a city that is at once vibrant and energetic as well as charming and nostalgic.

Author Profile

Photo courtesy of Papaya Voyage. website started by the couple to share their passions of art, travel and storytelling.  Their first book, How to Hong Kong: An Illustrated Travel Journal, was published in 2017. 

Lena Sin is a journalist who was born and raised in Hong Kong. However, her first love was always art and she spends much of her time illustrating in watercolour, often while downing copious amounts of milk tea. She is a two-time Jack Webster Award nominee for her journalism.
She lives in Vancouver with her partner Nicholas Tay who studied illustration at Art Center College of Design in California. This education prepared him for a lack of sleep and his career as an art director and artist on several video game franchises including Need for Speed, NBA Street and SSX. Recently, Nicholas has added fine art gallery shows, teaching and advertising illustration to his expertise.

Photographs, Trailer and Biographical Information courtesy of the following sites.

Amazon   Blacksmith Books Link to Book   Instagram Profile   Lena Sin on Twitter

The Authors Official Website - Papaya Voyage

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