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Reversing Over Liberace by Jane Lovering

                             Reversing Over Liberace

  • Paperback: 295 pages
  • Genre : Romantic Contemporary Fiction
  • Publisher: Samhain Publishing Ltd 2008
  • Source: Book provided by the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
  • First Sentence : ‘My Grandfather’s left me his nose. It’s in a matchbox.’
  • Review Quote : ‘ A laugh out loud story about Willow Cayton searching for the right man while trying to work out the meaning of her grandfather's inheritance: a nose in a matchbox. It's a light and entertaining tale that's full of surprises and wonderful characters.’ by reviewer Molasses Jones for
  • My Opinion: I doubt I would have chosen this myself, as the title did not attract me at all. I am therefore pleased that the author took the time to introduce me to her writing as she is very humorous and I look forward to reading more of her work.  
    A heroine who is literally sick if she finds a man attractive and a nose as a legacy, really does this sound like my sort of book? Well when I first started out I did not think so either, but this comedy of errors grew on me. It is not a great literary masterpiece but I do not think that was what the author intended anyway. She has written a very funny story though at times I found it a little farcical for my personal taste. The title I also find far from appealing and would never have picked it to read.
    It is the sort of comedy that I can imagine would translate well to television sit com status, no real memorable action but lots of laughs. The protagonist is Willow, the sibling whose family depend on her, although she seems to be incredibly naive. A lot of the time making me feel I wanted to shake her, I mean are there really people that are physically sick from nerves all over people they fancy!!  Quirky characters, awkward situations and laugh out loud lines kept me reading. The reader realises a long time before Willow that she is being taken for a fool and I needed to know if she got her revenge in the end.
    An easy read for a summer afternoon that will appeal to those looking for (to quote the back cover) ‘a funny touching story of a woman in search of revenge and getting what she needs, rather than what she thinks she wants.
    I am grateful to Jane Lovering for encouraging me to read and review her work by kindly sending me three of her published titles. I am certainly looking forward to reading the next two and I have added Star Struck to My Wishlist.

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    Reversing Over Liberace
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                                                                Author Photo from Facebook

    Text From Jane Lovering Author Profile at Amazon
    Jane was, presumably, born, although everyone concerned denies all knowledge. However there is evidence that her early years were spent in Devon (she can still talk like a pirate under the right conditions) and of her subsequent removal to Yorkshire under a sack and sedation.
    She now lives in North Yorkshire, where she writes romantic comedies and labours under the tragic misapprehension that Johnny Depp is coming for her any day now. She is prevented from running away to join either Johnny or a circus by her five children, four cats and two dogs, and her husband.
    Jane's likes include marshmallows, the smell of cucumbers, words beginning with B, the smell of the understairs cupboard, and Doctor Who. She writes with her laptop balanced on her knees whilst lying on her bed, and her children have been brought up to believe that real food has a high carbon content. And a kind of amorphous shape.
    Not unlike Jane herself, come to think of it.
    You can find out more about Jane ( should you wish to, of course) from her blog and website at
    The following link will take you to her Blogger Profile also amusing reading.
    Information and photo used in this post are with thanks to the following websites.
    Facebook Page - Jane Lovering
    Jane Lovering - From Behind The Keyboard
    Amazon Author Profile Page
    Jane Lovering a Choc Lit Author

    1. If the author's biography is an indication of her writing style I can imagine laughing out loud. I, too, to not tend to pick up books with titles like this but after reading the review, I think I should treat myself to this experience. Thank you!

    2. I loved Please don't stop the music. Starstruck was very different.
      I have yet to read Jane's other books as I do love her writing.


    3. Patricia@ Her biography is I agree hilarious. I am looking forward to reading more of her novels but hoping they are less farcical.

      DizzyC@ I am looking forward to reading all her more recent novels, so thanks for the recommendation.

    4. Good one!:) Glad your read romantic comedies


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