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Expat Women: Confessions - 50 Answers to Your Real-Life Questions about Living Abroad by Andrea Martins and Victoria Hepworth


                                     Expat Women: Confessions - 50 Answers to Your Real-Life Questions about Living Abroad

  • eBook:  274 pages
  • Genre:   Non fiction Factual
  • Publisher: Expat Women Enterprises Pty Ltd
  • Source: Provided by the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
  • Review Quote : "A must for anyone who is, has been or will be an expat!"Peggy Love, GMS, CERP, President, FIGT (Families in Global Transition)
  • My Opinion: Valuable resource for Ex-pats

    I am sure this book is a valuable resource of information for Ex Pat Women in general, just not for me.  I do not really fit into any of the categories, except as an ‘Empty Nester’.  Whilst it was not of use to me I still found it made for an interesting insight into the problems that others may face.  Although I visit the Expat Women Website I am not familiar with the Confessions column which is I believe where the majority of the material in this book first appeared.

    Moving to a new country although an exciting experience can be hard, inspiration and guidance with various problems can be found if you read the stories of the women, whose real life questions are used as the basis for the book. The subjects covered are very varied and include subjects such as the language barrier, raising children, death, divorce and so on; including advice on the different sorts of documentation that may be required.

    If you are about to become an ex-pat for the first time or you are already living abroad but having problems settling in, then this book is probably of interest to you. If nothing else you will realise that you are not alone and that your queries and problems have already been experienced by thousands of women before you!  There is certainly plenty of practical, sensible and helpful advice to be found within this, for want of a better description, little manual of advice for Ex Pat Women.

    Image of Andrea MartinsAndrea Martins

    Andrea Martins is an Australian who has lived in Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, and at the beach on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Her experience as an expatriate comes from three years in Jakarta, Indonesia, four years in Mexico City, Mexico, and now nearly two years in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with her French-born, Portuguese-Australian husband and two children.
    Since Expat Women was started in 2006, Andrea has dedicated her work life to building the site into the treasure chest of information and inspiration that it is today.

    Image of Victoria HepworthVictoria Hepworth

    Victoria is originally from New Zealand and has been living the expatriate life since 1996. So far she has lived in Miyazaki, Japan; Shanghai, China; St Petersburg, Russia; Gothenburg, Sweden; Mumbai, India and is currently located in Dubai with her English husband and two young daughters. She has always been an active member in the various expatriate communities she has lived in. setting up support groups (LifeLine Shanghai), business networks (Professional Women's Group Gothenburg) and working online with various global expatriate support initiatives.

    Biographical information and author photos are with courtesy of the Authors profile pages on where you will find fuller profiles.

    More can be also be learnt about the organisation by visiting the website Expat Women


    1. Thank you very, very much Lindy for both reading our new book and then taking the time to write a review about it for your blog. It is support from wonderful women like you who have helped us 'get the word out'. Thank you sincerely, Andrea.

    2. This sounds like a fascinating topic. I doubt I'll ever be in that situation, but I'm sure it would be very stressful and challenging, though certainly very exciting. Thanks for the review!

    3. Andrea@ It was a pleasure and I hope it has the success it deserves.

      Susan@ Thankyou for taking the time to comment, you never know it might be useful to you or someone you know one day.

    4. I need to read this...with the way things are going here at home, Western France is looking better and better!!! ;P

    5. Ricki Jill@ Do take a look, it may tempt you even more though, they have a useful website as well.


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