Sunday, October 2, 2011

Follies by Rosie Thomas




  • Paperback: 424 pages
  • Genre: Womens Fiction
  • Publisher: January 1st 2004 by Arrow Books Ltd (first published 1983)
  • Source: Bookmooch
  • First Sentence : ‘In a moment she would see it.’
  • Review Quote : ‘A special talent’ The Times
  • My Opinion:  A long standing favourite author.


    I am a long time fan of the writing of this author. In fact I have been reading her novels for nearly thirty years,gulp can it really be that long! A writer whose style of writing is now appealing to a new generation of young women.

    ‘Follies’ was originally published in 1983 but for some reason I never got around to reading it  then. It was republished in 2004 and I was delighted to track a copy down on Bookmooch a few months ago. It is three years since I last read one of her novels and although this one might be considered a little dated it reminded me of how much I enjoy her writing. I must catch up on the rest of her back titles that remain unread as soon as I can. Her writing makes you feel you are living in the setting of the book with the characters as friends, ‘Follies’ was no exception.

    The story set in the 1980’s is about three modern young women, students at Oxford University.  Reading this you need to remember that at the time this was written the protagonists Helen, Chloe and Pansy were typical of the era, although their behaviour might seem dated to younger readers, it does ring true. Young women then did seem to be dominated much more so by the men in their lives than they would be nowadays.

    Together for one unforgettable year, the girls share a time of mixed emotions and friendships.

    Whilst it might not be a particularly memorable read, for me it was perfect transportation to a city I like and an era I recall well, perfect reading for a summer afternoon, well written womens fiction.

    Rosie ThomasAuthor photo

    Rosie Thomas is a writer, currently living in London. Her numerous novels, several of them top ten bestsellers, deal with the common themes of love and loss.
    Rosie Thomas is the author of a number of celebrated novels, including the bestsellers Sun at Midnight, Iris and Ruby and Constance. Once she was established as a writer and her children were grown, she discovered a love of travelling and mountaineering. She has climbed in the Alps and the Himalayas, competed in the Peking to Paris car rally, spent time on a tiny Bulgarian research station in Antarctica and travelled the silk road through Asia. She lives in London.

    Author photograph and biographical information courtesy of her Goodreads Profile


    1. I'm with you on this one Linda, I just love the novels by Rosie Thomas. I haven't read this one - it is quite old now, but I will put it on my list!! As you say, I find her perfect reading for a summer afternoon (or a winter afternoon if it comes to that!!).

    2. Thisisme@ I already have would you believe four of her more recent titles on my TBR shelf but I wanted to get hold of this earlier one that I had somehow missed to read it first! So now looking forward to reading the others this winter curled up by a roaring fire.


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