Sunday, August 9, 2009

Paris Imperfect by Susie Vereker

Romantic comedy for the 21st century, this was a perfect read for a sunny afternoon of relaxation.
A perfectly feasible modern love story, if not rather predictable as I was not surprised at all by anything that happened. Although this novel has all the traditional elements of a romantic novel I feel it lacks the humour, suspense and intrigue of Susie Vereker’s earlier novels.

The protagonist is twice married and divorced Clio, living in Paris with her French lover Philippe. Although she is not completely sure she is happy with Philippe, due to his constant criticism and desire for perfection, she remains with him as she craves stability in her life. She stays with Philippe not only for her sake but for that of her son Alex, the single most important person in her life. Anyway Philippe does sort of propose to her, the problem being that he is still legally married.
A fact Philippe’s mother is constantly reminding Clio of in a far from subtle manner.
Clio works as a tour guide and it is through her work that she meets someone who gives her renewed confidence in herself which Philippe has slowly eroded.
Well I am sure you can guess the rest, love story with a predictably happy ending!

I have already added Susie Vereker’s next novel ‘Tropical Connections’ to My Wishlist.

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