Friday, August 7, 2009

Harvesting the Heart by Jodi Picoult

I only discovered the work of this prolific author under three years ago. As I have at various levels enjoyed all eight read previously, I am now trying to read all the published novels by her that I can get hold of.
Harvesting the Heart was her second novel first published in 1993 and although it certainly does not have the polish or topical moralistic style of her more recent novels it is still an enjoyable read.

Basically the story tells of the anguish and joy of parenthood told in flashbacks by the two protagonists Paige and Nicholas Prescott. Paige’s mother had abandoned her young daughter and husband when Paige was still very young. Circumstances force her to run away from home herself at eighteen and she soon meets and marries Nicholas a very successful medical student. His parents were very much against the marriage, disowned by them they struggle with a lifestyle that soon overwhelms Paige, who is not used to such a sophisticated lifestyle as demanded by Nicholas’s rising career. After the birth of their son Max Paige starts to seriously doubt her own maternal instincts and capability to be a good mother. It is then that history seems to repeat itself as she in her turn runs away in search of answers.
This is an absorbing novel which is written in the already emerging distinct style that Jodi Picoult has now made her speciality. I would recommend this to all fans of her novels.

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