Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Free Fall by John Francome

Crime fiction not a genre I read very often and a first by John Francome, although I remember when
one of my daughters was younger she went through a phase of reading this author. Owning a horse and living near racing stables was probably part of the attraction.
As an ex jockey turned writer he obviously knows the racing world inside out and draws on his own background and experiences for his novels. As it has been languishing on our bookshelves for a couple of years and I was looking for a book that would be easy to concentrate on, I decided to pick this one. It met my expectations as suitable for the mood I was in and I finished it very quickly.

The main protagonists are two couples, Pat a jockey who is unwisely operating a scam with Andy the husband of Harriet, who just happens to be the sister of Pat’s girlfriend Zoe. Harriet is the only one of the foursome who does not work in the world of horse racing. Somewhat bored with the lifestyle she gets involved with a hunky tennis coach at the health club where she works in the hairdressing salon.
As this is a crime thriller there is of course the inevitable murder along the way which is well plotted although I had guessed correctly who did it before the author finally reveals the truth!

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