Monday, August 24, 2009

Flora's Lot by Katie Fforde

Katie Fforde is an author I have been reading and enjoying since 1995, usually reading new titles as they are published. Somehow Flora’s Lot which was first published in 2004 remained elusive until I recently managed to get hold of a copy, her eleventh novel! Katie Fforde has never I do not think aspired to write great literary fiction but she certainly writes easy to read romantic fiction with realistic characters in feasible situations.
This time the protagonist is Flora Stanza who having recently inherited shares in the family antique business of Stanza and Stanza decides to leave London for awhile and investigate the world of antiques. Her cousin and partner in the business Charles does not give her the welcome she was expecting, mainly due to the fact that his fiancée Annabelle is not happy about her interest in the ailing firm. With the help of a great cast of characters who help make up for her lack of experience in the auction business and country living, Flora enthusiastically sets about reviving the business.

This was not my favourite Katie Fforde novel but if you are looking for romantic escapism this is exactly what she produces every time. Predictable stories, but that does not detract from their enjoyment.

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