Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Widowland by C.J Carey


If you have ever wondered what Britain would have been like if we had lost WWII, plus you have read and enjoyed other alternative dystopian histories such as 'The Hand Maidens Tale or 'Fatherland' then 'Widowland' is one for you.

It is set over a period of a few weeks in the Spring of 1953 when the country, a part of The German Alliance since 1940 is preparing for the Coronation of King Edward VIII and Queen Wallis. 

Feminist literary slogans are appearing around the country in the run up to this very important event. This rebellion needs to be quashed and quickly. Rose Ransom works at the Ministry of Culture, rewriting literary classics and for this reason she is chosen to try and find the perpetrators.

Although the setting is fictional, many of the characters actually existed, which gives the novel political and emotional strength. 

Recommended if you want to read a powerful feminist story.

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