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Unfaithfully Yours by Joanne Clancy

Ebook: Also available as paperback 190 pages
Genre: Contemporary Womens Fiction
Publisher: CreateSpace (December 13, 2011)
Source: From the author in return for an unbiased review.
First Sentence: "I'm in love with a married man," Shona Morgan sighed deeply and put her head in her hands.
My opinion: Lively easy read.

I did sort of enjoy this, it was certainly a very lively easy read, two sessions and I was finished. I felt it was very weak to start with but it improved once the author got into her flow, The story might have improved but I am sorry to say the editing didn't, there are at least a couple of times where the wrong name is used which catches the reader off guard for a moment, so watch out for those if you decide to read this. The theme of the novel as you can easily tell from the first line is one we have all seen in novels like this before, married man and his sordid adulterous relationships which turn sour.  In this case, to quote William Congreve, as the author herself does 'Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.

I really did not like any of the characters, apart from the scorned wife. The male protagonist Mark McNamara is an unpleasant person, he deserves everything he gets. However I must say that I did not have much sympathy for the 'other' women in his life either. Rebecca his wife is the only character I had any sympathy for at all and I felt she was right wanting her revenge. This will no doubt stir your emotions in some way or another, a sign of a well written story.

A very quick précis then is that Rebecca's perfect marriage falls to pieces when she discovers her husbands guilty secrets. She and the other women in his life who are all angry with him for different reasons, decide that he will pay for his behaviour and if you want to find out how you will have to read it yourself. I think it is fair to warn you though that if you do not like explicit sex scenes then this is not for you! 
I have another of Joanne Clancy's novels on My Kindle and I enjoyed this one enough to say that I am now looking forward to reading and reviewing Unforgettable Embrace. Ms Clancy has more to offer as a writer I feel so it will be interesting to see how her writing develops.

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Author Profile

Joanne Clancy is from County Cork, Ireland. She is an avid reader,obsessive writer and a self-confessed Kindle addict who loves tea.
Joanne is the author of Secrets and Lies, the first book in The Secrets and Lies Trilogy, The Wedding Day, Unfaithfully Yours, Unforgettable Embrace and My Love.
She is currently working on Aftermath, the second book in The Secrets and Lies Trilogy which will be available during Autumn 2012. Redemption, the final book in the trilogy, will be released before Christmas.

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  1. Hi Lind,

    As always, a candid and honest review, so refreshing!

    This certainly doesn't sound like a book to 'get yourself lost in', however it has to be worthy of note, for those times when you need a light, easy going read.

    I love the cover art, by the way.

    Like you, I have real issues with books which have been badly edited and contain too many grammatical and spelling errors, let alone the continuity problems which you highlight.

    In this day of self publishing, I guess this is set to become more and more of an issue, either because an author insists on editing themselves (not always very well!), or, even worse, they claim to have employed the services of professional editors, who can be far from competent.

    If an author asks for a review, I will always let them know if I have a problem with the editing. I will give them a second chance if they do something to avoid the same mistakes over again, however if the problem persists, I will stop reading said author and refuse more reviews!

    Thanks for sharing this one,


  2. Thank you for sharing this Lindy.
    Your honesty is worth emulating!

  3. Fiction books@, Diventia@, Thanks ladies, I do believe honesty is the best policy. It is difficult sometimes to criticise without causing offence as we all understand how much hard work goes into a novel and I admire authors for all they do to provide us with books to read. :)


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