Monday, July 16, 2012

The Cosy Knave by Dorte H. Jakobsen

Paperback: 198 pages (I read Kindle edition)
GenreHumour and Mystery
CreateSpace (17 Jun 2012) 
Source: The author in return for an unbiased review.

My Opinion
:  Fast paced, fun read.

Looking for a quick read with humour and mystery, then try this one. I read it as The Cosy Knave on my Kindle but it can also be found by readers in Europe entitled  Murder deLight.  I thought this was rather a tongue in cheek mixture of humour within a mystery because I am afraid to say that I found the characters names just too ridiculous.  Maybe they were meant to be over the top and I got this wrong but they meant I was unable to take this novel seriously.  Rose Walnut Whip, Olivia Cadbury Flake, Chief Inspector Mars Wrigley, Rhapsody Gerswhin, Rhett and Scarlett Wensleydale, Catherine Wheels and two policeman called Smith and Wesson, are just a few examples!

Assuming I was meant to be amused by these farcial names it passed a few hours as the mystery was unravelled. Set in modern day Yorkshire, a murder takes place during a World Cup Football Match in the local tearoom, in the village of Knavesborough. One of the villagers is stabbed to death while the twenty people present are watching the football! The case is investigated by the local policeman Archibald Penrose and his librarian fiancee Rhapsody Gershwin.  He needs her help as his superior is more concerned with the World Cup Football Competition than tracking down a murderer.    

In my opinion this was much more about eccentric villagers and having a laugh than wanting to find out who committed the crimes, yes there was a stabbing and another death but very little intrigue.  A fun read but do not expect any thrills.

Author Profile

Dorte Hummelshoj Jakobsen was born on February 12, 1961 in Thisted, Denmark. She is a teacher of English at upper secondary level. In her spare time she reads and writes crime fiction in English and Danish, and in 2010 she sold her first stories. 
Since then she has published two collections of flash fiction, "Candied Crime" (humour) and "Liquorice Twists" (a bit darker).
Her bestsellers are the romantic ghost story "Heather Farm" and "The Cosy Knave"  

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  1. This was a quick review :)
    Thanks for being honest Lindy.
    When I started reading the review, I wondered how would humour and thriller walk hand in hand.

    Looks like it's a bad partner to walk with.

    Thanks for the review!

  2. I have been catching up with my review writing and will be posting one every day this week! It is not a bad thing to partner humour with a thriller, just it did not work for me. It is still a good read!

  3. Great review, I like the sound of it for something different.



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