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Never Coming Home by Evonne Wareham

Paperback: 316 pages
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Romance, Suspense
Publisher:  Choc Lit 2012
Source: Choc Lit in return for an unbiased review.
First Sentences: Prologue: He wasn't meant to be there.
Not on that road, at that time, on that day - but the job in Atlanta had fallen apart, the client was screaming  and someone had to sort out the mess.
Review Quote: A début from an exciting new talent. A gorgeous, contemporary, romantic thriller set in London, Italy and the U.S. -- Lovereading.  Award: Winner of the 2012 Joan Hessayon Award (New Writer's Award) -- The Romantic Novelists' Association.
My Opinion:  Fabulous début novel
What a fabulous début novel, on her website welcome page the author claims to write romantic suspense, romantic thrillers, romance with a darker edge, well it is true, she does!  If you like your romance with more than a dash of suspense then Evonne Wareham is going to be an author to look out for. Her next novel Out of Sight, Out of Mind is due to be published next year and I will certainly be adding it to my wishlist.

A missing child, assumed dead,  not a scenario that is going to immediately appeal to parents but get beyond your initial apprehension and pick up this book to read. You will not I do not think be disappointed as the author deals with this sensitive issue in a compelling way, as the mystery unfolds in the lives of the protagonists Devlin and Kaz Elmore.  Devlin is the mysterious stranger that comes unexpectedly into the life of Kaz after he witnessed the death of her young daughter. Whilst on a business trip to London he decides to introduce himself to Kaz to hopefully give her some comfort knowing her daughter was not alone when she died. It turns out to be a lot more complicated though when seeing a photo of Jamie Elmore, he realises that maybe it was not her in the car at all! The police however consider the incident closed so Kaz decides to investigate enlisting Devlin to help her do so. The mystery thickens and the search leads them into danger as they try to discover the truth, while the intrigue is building so is the emotional connection between the two of them. 

No need to say more though, as spoilers can ruin a book for others, except that if you are looking for a mystery that will keep you turning the pages with a romantic relationship then this has what you are looking for. Oh yes an added bonus for me was the fact that part of the story is set in Italy!

Author Profile

Evonne was born in South Wales and spent her childhood there. After university she migrated to London, where she worked in local government, scribbled novels in her spare time and went to the theatre a lot. Now she's back in Wales, writing and studying history and living by the sea. Her membership of the Romantic Novelists' Association lets her enjoy the company of other authors and gives her an excuse to sneak back to London from time to time for essential stuff, like attending parties. She still loves the theatre, likes staying in hotels and enjoys walking on the beach, where she daydreams about her characters. She hopes that all those things come through in her books - drama, glamorous locations, engaging heroines and dangerous heroes. 
This is Evonne's début novel and her second Out of Sight, Out of Mind is due to be published in 2013.
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  1. That's look like an interesting title.. Will surely look out for this author..

  2. Jyoti@ I think you may well enjoy this so I hope you do get a copy.

  3. Read this book on a plane and loved it!

  4. I am unsure of this book for myself :)!
    But certainly, it will be a good one for everyone who enjoys this genre

  5. Hi Linda,

    I have read quite a few book by authors who belong to 'The Romantic Novelists' Association', and I haven't been disappointed by any of them.

    The quality of the writing and plot material, is generally of a very high standard, and this doesn't look to be an exception.

    A definite page-turner by the sounds of things and definitely one that I would be interested in taking a look at.

    Thanks for sharing and the glowing recommendation,


  6. Oh! and Linda,

    The book has to be on my wishlist really, doesn't it? Just look at the author's name !!


  7. Scarlet@ Perfect choice for a flight hours of uninterrupted reading.
    Divenita@ It is certainly a good choice for fans of the genre.
    Yvonne@ Absolutely :)

  8. Thanks for your comment on the positive energy poster. I was wondering why I wasn't seeing posts from you in my dashboard and then realised that you had fallen off my blog list for some reason - now fixed.



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