Sunday, February 7, 2010

Charles Dickens

The most popular English novelist of the Victorian era, Dickens is still recognised as one of our greatest novelists.
Surely we have all read and enjoyed at least one of his novels.
The most famous loved by so many is probably “A Christmas Carol”

He was born on this day in 1812 and already plans have been set in motion for his centenary in two years time, which is why I felt he deserved a mention here today.

Charles Dickens 2012   If you are interested this is the link to follow.

I have at least six of his novels on my classics bookshelf and although I rarely re-read novels, I am going to make an exception and have set myself a challenge to read them all again over the next two years in recognition of his centenary.

I will of course report here as to how I am getting on!

Charles Dickens
BornCharles John Huffam Dickens
7 February 1812
LandportPortsmouth, England
Died9 June 1870 (aged 58)
Gad's Hill PlaceHigham, Kent, England
Resting placePoets' CornerWestminster Abbey
Notablework(s)Sketches by BozThe Old Curiosity ShopOliver Twist,Nicholas NicklebyBarnaby RudgeA Christmas CarolMartin ChuzzlewitA Tale of Two Cities,David CopperfieldGreat ExpectationsBleak HouseLittle DorritHard TimesOur Mutual FriendThe Pickwick Papers


  1. My love of Dickens' stories never ends! Early in my childhood, I started learning what this world means to us with his books that my dad directed. Friendship meant (still means) a great deal to me because of him, perhaps even more than love relationships:) Birthday for this unforgettable big name.

    How nice you take this opportunity to remember him, Lindy:) Merci, merci.

  2. Nihal, I am delighted you appreciated my Dickens mention, thankyou.

  3. Now this makes me feel really old. :-( It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating the centenary of his death in 1970! But I'm always pleased to celebrate Dickens and will certainly look forward to a feast of drama and lovely new editions of the books.

  4. I know the feeling Linda! I see you have joined the Charles Dickens 2012 group on Facebook as well.
    Thanks for commenting, it is appreciated.


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