Saturday, February 27, 2010

Air Babylon by Imogen Edwards Jones

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I am really not at all sure why I bothered to read this as within in a few pages I just knew it was going to be rubbish. However I do not give up easily and kept going in the hope that it might improve or even be funny!
After all it must have made its way on to my wish list of titles due to having read 'Hotel Babylon' and 'Tuscany for Beginners', both of which I found funny and enjoyable. In theory this book was a good idea as only trying to do what was previously a success for the hotel industry, even becoming a TV programme, but for the airline industry a disappointing failure.
I am far from a prude but the antics that some of the airline crews get up to left me feeling rather disgusted! I am sure that some of the material used in the writing of this book would also make the majority of men and women that currently work for the airline industry, somewhat embarrassed. At times it almost seemed as if the anonymous people in this collection of supposedly true stories were proud of themselves. I just cannot think why.
Maybe it is another case of me picking the wrong book at the wrong time as I am due to fly myself in 48hours and would maybe have been better off not knowing about some of the horror stories that go on behind the scenes of the ultimate travel service industry.
I would not recommend this to anyone unless maybe you are thinking of entering the industry yourself, it will certainly help you decide one way or the other, depends if you are game for a lifestyle of debauchery or not.
Of course I may well have taken the book far too seriously and it is really written tongue in cheek!
If this is not an overly exaggerated account of life in the skies then traveller beware.
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  1. I think you're probably right, if something is written "tongue-in-cheek" you can usually tell by the overall tone, so in this case it probably wasn't... I hope you're flying somewhere nice and if it is, enjoy :-)

  2. Very nice thankyou, off to visit eldest daughter in Hong Kong.

  3. Have a great trip in Hong Kong. I've never been but someday...

  4. Thankyou Mary we had a wonderful trip, a place well worth visiting if you ever get the opportunity.

    Also welcome here, hope you stop by again.


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