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Fetch Nurse Connie by Jean Fullerton

Paperback: 376 pages
Genre: Romantic Historical Fiction
Orion Publishing Group 2015

Source: From the Author in return for an honest and unbiased review.
First Sentence: Connie Byrne, the Queen's Nurse, midwife and district nurse sister responsible for the Highway and Ratcliffe area of the St George's and St Dunstan's Nursing Association, secured the bandage with a safety pin.

My Opinion: I first discovered this author in 2011 and have kept up with her writing since then. Her latest novels are an excellent well researched series about nursing in post WWII in London. As well as finding them interesting from a historical point of view, I have found them to contain characters that one is drawn to and a realistic picture of life in the years after the war. Changing times for the country generally and professionally for nurses and the women who worked in the profession. So much more than just a romance and I recommend this series to anyone that enjoys social history in general and nursing stories in particular. Fans of 'Call The Midwife' take note!

Précis: Courtesy of Goodreads:

London, 1945 and as the end of the war is declared and the troops start returning home, the nurses of the East End are joining in the celebrations.

For Nurse Connie Byrne the end of the war signals the beginning of a new chapter and as the revelries go on around the city, Connie's mind is on another celebration that she'll be able to arrange - the wedding to her sweetheart, Charlie, set to take place as soon as he arrives home. But when Connie meets Charlie off the train at London Bridge, she finds that his homecoming isn't quite going to go according to plan...

Connie's busy professional life, and the larger-than-life patients in the district, offer a welcome distraction, but for how long? If nursing in the East End has taught Connie anything, it's that life is full of surprises...

I have also read and reviewed three of Jean Fullerton's previous novels on this blog.
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Author Profile

Jean Fullerton  was born into a large, East End family early one August she grew up in the overcrowded streets clustered around the Tower of London. She still lives in East London, just five miles from where she was born. After working for the London Metropolitan Police, she retrained as a nurse and worked as a district nurse in the East End for sixteen years. She now teaches healthcare and nursing. Jean  feels that it is her background that gives her stories their distinctive authenticity. Passionate about historical accuracy, she enjoys researching the details almost as much as writing the novels.

The biographical information and photo used in this post are with thanks to the following websites, where you can also find more information about the author and her writing. 

Jean Fullerton - Books   Official Author Website  Facebook - Jean Fullerton Author    Goodreads Author Profile

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