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A Death in Tuscany by Michele Giuttari


               Italy in Books - Reading Challenge 2011


                 A Death in Tuscany (Michele Ferrara)

  • Paperback: 381 pages
  • Genre: Crime Mystery
  • Publisher: This edition Abacus 2009
  • Source: Charity Bookshop in the UK
  • First Sentence : The girl, little more than a child, was found on the road above Scandicci, scantily dressed, without papers and dying of an overdose, at dawn on Sunday 29 July and was taken to the Ospedale Nuovo.
  •  Review Quote : ‘The leading Italian crime writer’ The Times
  • My Opinion: Atmospheric of Italy with a sadly feasible plot.



    The August post with a list of books that the other people taking part are reading this month has already been posted. August Reviews


    Whilst the title for this book is not very imaginative, it is the reason I was drawn to pick this up for the Italy in Books - Reading Challenge 2011This is not a genre I read a great deal of and the author is not familiar to me so I do not feel I can compare him with others that write books set in Italy in this genre of which there are  quite a few.

    Michele Giuattari is a former Florence Police Chief so he does have an insiders advantage on the understanding of how the police and legal system work within Italy. This I think is certainly the sort of case that is sadly based on current issues in the real world, so fiction that has fact behind it.

    The story is about the investigation into the death of a young girl hardly more than a child, whom it is assumed died of a drug overdose. The case is taken on by Chief Superintendent Michele Ferrara and he quickly realises that this is far more than a simple overdose death. He believes that the girl was murdered and as he investigates becomes convinced it is part of a much wider conspiracy. It even turns out that there is a sinister connection between this case and the disappearance of a close friend of his!   

    The speech appears stilted at times but I think this is just because English is not the original language. There are many characters and I did not find any of them particularly memorable, but the plot line was strong enough to hold my attention in what was a quick light read. What was of interest is the setting of Florence and the surrounding countryside, appealing if you know the area and maybe tempting you to visit if you do not. An average read then for those of us interested in Italy and or the crime novel.  I doubt if I would have picked this up if it were not for the Italy in Books - Reading Challenge 2011 though.

    Author profile photo from Facebook.

    Michele Giuttari was born in Messina, Italy in 1950. in 1975 he graduated with a law degree and three years later joined the Police Force., where fro 1995 until 2003 he held the position of Police Chief. In 1997 he began working as a writer of detective novels, soon becoming known both nationally and internationally. His books are translated into major languages ​​and published in over 100 countries.

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