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Just One More Day by Susan Lewis



  • Paperback: 340 pages
  • Genre : Memoir
  • Publisher: Arrow Books  2006
  • Source: Unknown – On my TBR bookshelf
  • Review Quote ‘Susan Lewis fans know she can write compelling fiction, but not until now, that she can write even more engrossing fact. We use the phrase honest truth too lightly: it should be reserved for books – deeply moving books – like this’  Alan Coren


I have no idea how this title came to be on my bookshelf as I have only ever read one novel by this author, although I have two others  by her on the TBR shelf. I need to get down to some serious reading if I am ever to catch up!

‘Just One More Day’ is the moving memoir of Susan Lewis growing up in 1960’s Bristol in a household that was facing tragedy, whilst pretending it was not happening. As Susan was only seven years old at the time I did have my doubts that she remembered so much so clearly, maybe her mother left a diary.  I have not been able to find out if this was in fact the case. Susan spends her young childhood being brave about a situation she does not fully understand, while her toddler brother is oblivious to the pain within the family. Eddress and Eddie married when she was only twenty one and it as still a young woman she is faces cancer, without admitting her fears. It was just not done to show your feelings back in the sixties, so Eddress tries to deny to herself what is happening to her.

Susan struggled in this world of adult secrets but explains it well in this heart breaking true story  of a young woman who dies at the tender age of thirty three leaving her husband a widower at thirty seven with children of nine and five. A scenario that really tugged at my heart strings and was a very emotional read.


There is a biography of Susan Lewis on her Website here which is an interesting read.  Having now learnt so much about her I am now keen to read some more of her novels as so far I have only read one and that was back in 2007!

Taking Chances

Susan LewisSusan Lewis

My research was done using the following sites. 

Author's Official Website and her  Facebook Fan Page


  1. Seems like really a moving read.. Dying at a young age of cancer is indeed heart rendering!

  2. Gosh, I can't keep up with you at the moment, Linda! You seem to be posting a lot of book reviews all of a sudden! This book does sound good I must admit. I am just about to start The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo for my current book club read.

  3. Though this sounds poignant,I am currently staying of intense reads,so this book will have to wait.. Its always sad when someone so young passes away.

  4. Jyoti@ It was rather moving and interesting as it was set in the era I grew up in!

    Thisisme@ Sorry, I got a bit behind with writing reviews, will have caught up by end of today, then back to one on average a week.

    Bhargavi@ It is moving rather than intense but certainly not to everyone's taste.


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