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The Arrival by Nicole Macdonald



  • Paperback: 206 pages
  • Genre : Fantasy Fiction
  • Publisher: Kindle 22nd December 2010
  • Source: Sent to me by the author in eBook format in return for an honest and unbiased review.


I do not normally read much paranormal or fantasy fiction and was seriously wondering if I should be reviewing this book at all. Was it going to be fair to the author when I was prejudiced against the genre without even reading a word. I like my fiction based in reality and this novel is about as far removed from reality as you can possible get.

As I started to read about the heroines Cat, Kassie, Sian and Loi my doubts continued because it was confusing with the continual switching between the different characters and their viewpoints. It took awhile for the structure of the story to settle down but the author seems to get into the flow of her writing and the interaction between the characters improves.

It really is a far fetched and ridiculous story but once I got over my initial prejudices and the jerky start it did turn out to be an entertaining read and I am sure fans of this genre will be particularly enthralled with the girls adventures.

The four protagonists are friends living in New Zealand in the 21C and being fed up with the lack of decent men in their lives, decide for fun to cast a love spell to try and find their soul mates.  In casting this spell they get somewhat more than they bargained for finding themselves transported to another world, which is full of weird and wonderful creatures. I do not want to include any spoilers but the girls find they have amazing magical powers which they have to use as the momentum and tension grows.

The ending is certainly a cliff hanger and if you enjoy the book will certainly leave you waiting for more adventures that will transport you to  another world.

Nicole is so personally involved with the characters in The Arrival that if you visit her blog Damsel in a Dirty Dress you will find posts about some of them, read what she has to say about the character of Cat here . I thought it was really interesting how she has got right inside their personalities, in this way, even suggesting actors to play the parts. Well you never know do you!

This is one young lady with a tremendous passion for her writing and I wish her all the best with this debut novel.

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The biographical information below is quoted from the authors blog profile.

Damsel in a Dirty Dress – Nicole’s Blog

Nicole MacDonaldSays
”I am a 28yr old New Zealander who’s really only recently discovered an utter passion for writing. For years it was reading and as a child I dreamed of been locked in our local bookstore overnight so I could read to my hearts content. Then one day I decided to have a shot at writing. I figured no one would ever read it and I’d get to be the heroine and have one heck of an adventure… Well I wasn’t wrong! Nearly two years later and I have the first in the Birth Right Trilogy published and am currently working like mad on the draft for book two. What started as a whim really has become an all consuming passion. I can’t believe I didn’t start earlier!”


  1. Thanks for the honest review! I am not sure I would appreciate this book either since I've read limited amount of PNR or fantasy novels. But my sister loves this genre, so I would recommend it to her.

  2. Thank you so much for your honest thoughts Lindy :) even more for making the effort to read something that really isn't your thing *grin* I sincerely appreciate it.
    Damsel in a Dirty Dress

  3. Hmm.. I do pick up this genre sometimes.. Will see if I can get hold of this sometimes in future.. Thanks for the review!

  4. Misha@ I have seen this title referred to as YA genre somewhere so I think your sister might well enjoy it.

    Nicole@ Considering it is not my genre, I hope you are pleased with my review and that I did find it entertaining. :)

    Jyoti@ Do let me know what you think if you do decide to read this one.

  5. Your review is intriguing. Did it grow on you? Coz if it did, i might read it!

  6. BookQuoter@ Yes I suppose it did as it is not something I would normally have expected to have found an entertaining read.

  7. I do read this genre all the time, and I loved it. I couldn't put it down. There are some parts where it gets confusing, but the multi-dimensional aspect is why I liked it.

  8. Anon@ Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, this certainly took me out of my comfort zone and it was worthwhile. I am glad I had the opportunity to review this title for Nicole.

  9. Thanks for sharing. (Visiting through Read My Review) I don't think this sounds like my cup of tea either. But I'm not much into fantasy--I'm more traditional science fiction.

  10. Bev@ Thanks for calling by from the Read My Review post and taking the time to comment.


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