Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rocken Edge by Wendy K. Harris

Another emotionally gripping novel from the author Wendy K Harris, a new publisher, but still part of her Undercliff series set in the Isle of Wight. Once again the main protagonists are new characters so it is not necessary to have read the previous two novels in the series. Although if you have done so, as I have, you will come across a cast of familiar characters.
Once again the storyline is fairly shocking but sadly believable as something that could occur and probably has done somewhere in real life. Also as in her previous novels the author brings to life the surroundings with her descriptive prose.
In this third novel the protagonist is a young teenager Clare who arrives on the Isle of Wight in a very distressed state seeking a girl she hardly knows but hopes will help her. The locals take her in and both knowingly and unknowingly help her to sort herself out and get her life back on track. She needs to come to terms with fact that love can be harmful as well as healing, blessed and ungodly. To quote one of the main characters ‘love can seriously damage your sanity’
Besides Clare the other main characters are troubled Father Ryan, from Clare’s hometown in Ireland who is at the root of Clare’s distress; Rachel single mother and business woman recently deserted by her Italian lover and Fran the farm owner who unknowingly does Clare a huge favour. It is thanks to Fran that things work out for Clare in the end. The relationships between these four characters slip into place as this sensitive story twists and turns its way to the open conclusion. The possibility of another Undercliff novel I wonder?

Within this genre I think well worth reading and Wendy K Harris is certainly an author whose work I will continue to follow.

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