Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Everything Must Go by Elizabeth Flock


This is the first book I have read by Elizabeth Flock and I think maybe I should not have started with this title. It was one of the dullest stories I have read for a long time which jumped about all over the place in its timeline and was such a boring story.
The protagonist Henry is one of three sons and for most of his life has carried with him the guilt of his younger brother’s death. Winning a scholarship he did escape his home town of Baxter for awhile but due to his mother’s ill health he is summoned home and ends up working in the local clothing store. It is his daydreams of the life he may have had that keep him going. Dull life, dull story, and yawn!

I have a great respect for all novelists and think that writing and publishing of a novel is a great achievement. So my review is in no way a reflection upon the author, just on the story which I happened not to enjoy.


  1. I respect your review and viewpoint, although I saw the book quite differently. Here is a different look at EMG. http://josephsreviews.wordpress.com/2010/02/12/already-gone/

  2. While I'm sorry you didn't like my novel, Linda, I have to say I so appreciate the sentiments expressed in your final paragraph. Some reviewers skewer books without remembering we writers are people, too, with feelings that can get hurt when they carelessly rip us apart.

    I hope you'll try another of my books (Me & Emma, perhaps?) but in the meantime, keep up the terrific reviews!
    All best,

  3. Thankyou Elizabeth for stopping by and commenting. While it is an honour to hear from an author direct, it is disappointing that it should be because of negative comment.

    I am so glad that you realise that my comments were no reflection on your skills as a novelist. It was just a case that the story was not for me,as I mentioned on Joseph's Reviews Blog,
    life would be very dull if we all enjoyed the same things. I also believe that time and place often has a strong bearing on our reactions to a particular novel.
    I will certainly look out for your other novels, this one was the first I had ever come across.

    Meanwhile all the best for any future novels you have planned.


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