Book Review Policy

If you are looking for a Book Reviewer I would be very happy to be considered. 

I am an English woman with homes in Italy and Wales with a voracious appetite for reading! I set up my Book Review Blog to share books I have read with like minded readers.  I am not a professional but I have had a lifelong love of books, including a career as a librarian.

I hate spoilers in reviews so do my best not to give too much away, but just enough to tempt others to read.

As well as an unbiased and honest review I will include an author profile and links to other websites that may interest readers if they wish to learn more about the author.  I am always happy to include in this section any photos, website links, or biographical material that the author might wish to make available.

I publish my reviews here on LindyLouMac'sBook Reviews, My Extras Facebook Page, Amazon, Goodreads, Anobii, Google Plus and Bookcrossing.

I enjoy reading and reviewing an eclectic range of material, but I am usually not keen on reviewing fantasy, young adult, personal memoirs, short stories, poetry or most non-fiction. Although I have been tempted to diversify from time to time. 

I will review eBooks but a limited number as I do not want to become a blog that just reviews eBooks   Also my preference is still with real books as I am also a Bookcrosser and I like to have the opportunity to send books I have read off travelling the world!

Another important factor is patience, as due to life in the real world I can not give a guarantee as to when I will read your book. Unless you specifically arrange for me to review a book within a certain time scale it must wait it's turn on Mt TBR which at times may mean a few months. 

Please do not let this put you off as I will not fail you, you will get your review, although you might not always like my honesty. I hate upsetting authors with criticisms  as I admire the dedication you put into your writing but I will not give a false opinion, so please be prepared to take the rough comment or two. I do try to be reasonable in my opinions and always encourage readers to try a book for themselves even if it is not to my liking.  
If I do not think I am going to like a book in advance I will not accept it for review anyway so the chances of a poor review for your hard work are hopefully low.

I respond to all requests but to help me consider if I wish to review your book I like to know as much about it as possible and preferably a link to it on-line.

Accepting to review your book does not guarantee a review.  I try to choose books to review that I believe I will enjoy, however occasionally there will be a book that I just am unable to get into for whatever reason.

If you wish to contact me by email you can do so at  lindyloumac (at)ymail (dot)com or leave a message on my Facebook Page.   LindyLouMac's Book Reviews Extras

Thankyou for considering me to review your book, by reading this policy. I wish you all the best.


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