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Thirty Days in Paris by Veronica Henry



Hardback:  372 pages                                                                                   

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Fiction

Publisher:  Orion Fiction 2023

Source: Tywyn Public Library

Review Quote: 'A perfect Parisian fantasy every woman will love' KATIE FFORDE

First Sentences: Juliet stood in the middle of the kitchen, overwhelmed by its emptiness.

My Opinion: Veronica Henry is known for her escapist romantic, realistic and relatable stories. Her latest novel set in Paris was a delight to read.

The protagonist Juliet is returning to Paris after a thirty year gap. The dual timeline enables the reader to fully understand and appreciate what happened to her all those years ago in Paris. She has now returned to address the past.

This novel stirred my many lovely memories of Paris. Recommended to anyone that loves Paris and enjoys a feel good read. 

Précis Courtesy of Goodreads:

Because Paris is always a good idea...

Years ago, Juliet left a little piece of her heart in Paris - and now, separated from her husband and with her children flying the nest, it's time to get it back!

So she puts on her best red lipstick, books a cosy attic apartment near Notre-Dame and takes the next train out of London.

Arriving at the Gare du Nord, the memories come flooding back: bustling street cafés, cheap wine in candlelit bars and a handsome boy with glittering eyes.

But Juliet has also been keeping a secret for over two decades - and she begins to realise it's impossible to move forwards without first looking back.

Something tells her that the next thirty days might just change everything...

Author Profile and Photo From Amazon: 

                                       Author Logo

In the authors own words: 

I'm Veronica - otherwise known as Ronnie - and I'm delighted you've found your way here!

I love to take my readers somewhere they might like to be, whether a gorgeous house in the countryside or on a seaside clifftop. There, my characters go through the trials and tribulation of everyday life, embroiled in situations and dilemmas we can all relate to. Love is at the heart of it, but all kinds of love, not just romantic: the love of friends and family, or a place, or a passion for what you enjoy (food, wine and books, in my case . . .)

My next book, Thirty Days in Paris, is set in the place I love best of all. Whenever I step off the train at the Gare du Nord I always feel as if I belong, even though I am not your typical Parisienne! But I love soaking up the food, the fashion, the art - everything! - and I'll never tire of visiting. My dream is one day to have a little apartment, if only fora month, to live the Parisian dream. But in the meantime, I've given that dream to my heroine, Juliet . . . thirty days in a bijoux apartment near the Seine. What will she get up to?

A little bit about me: I live by the sea and head to the beach every day with my dog Zelda. I love cooking and discovering new restaurants on city breaks, with a bit of yoga to offset the calories. My biggest writing influences are HE Bates, Nancy Mitford, Jilly Cooper and any book that has a big rambling house and an eccentric family . . .

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