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The King's Mistress by Gillian Bagwell

Hardback: 400 pages
Genre: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Avon 2012
Source: Read on My Kindle
First Sentence: The afternoon sun dappled through the leaves of the oak tree. Jane Lane sat in its shade, her back against its stalwart trunk, the Second Folio of Shakespeare's works open on her lap.

Review Quote: “The King’s Mistress is that spellbinding combination of history, adventure, suspense and a fast-beating pulse of pure eroticism…a real romantic treat.” Lancashire Evening Post

My Opinion: As far as I have been able to ascertain this novel is the only fictional account of the real-life adventure of Jane Lane, who risked her life to help the young Charles II escape after the Battle of Worcester in 1651. An important  moment in the history of the British Monarchy. Gillian Bagwell with her love and fascination of British History and her through research brings this captivating tale to life for the reader. For fans of historical fiction that have not yet discovered this author's work, I recommend you give her a try as she writes with passion about real people and places.

Precis of 'The King's Mistress' courtesy of  Goodreads

Set against the volatile backdrop of the English Civil War, dive into this enthralling tale of danger, bravery, and a woman who would do anything for the man she loved.

It's 1651 and Jane Lane leads a privileged life inside the walls of her family's home. At 25 years old, her parents are keen to see her settled, but Jane dreams of a union that goes beyond the advantageous match her father desires.

Her quiet world is shattered when Royalists, fighting to restore the crown to King Charles II, arrive at their door, imploring Jane and her family for help. They have been hiding the king, but Cromwell's forces are close behind them, baying for Charles' blood -- and the blood of anyone who seeks to help him. Putting herself in mortal danger, Jane must help the king escape to safety by disguising him as her manservant.

With the shadow of the gallows dogging their every step, Jane finds herself falling in love...

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Author Profile

Gillian Bagwell grew up in Berkeley, California, and began her professional life as an actress, studying at the University of California Berkeley and the Drama Studio London at Berkeley before relocating to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film and television. She moved into directing and producing theatre, founding The Pasadena Shakespeare Company, where she served as artistic director for nine years, producing thirty-seven critically acclaimed productions. 

She united her life-long love of books, British history, and theatre in writing her first novel, "The Darling Strumpet," based on the life of Nell Gwynn. Her second novel, 'The September Queen' is called 'The King's Mistress' in the UK has Charles II and Jane Lane as protagonists.  Her third novel  "Venus in Winter" is based on the first forty years of the life of the formidable four-times widowed Bess of Hardwick,  

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Goodreads - Author Profile     Facebook - Gillian Bagwell  

 Official Author Website           Amazon's Gillian Bagwell Page


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