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The Pollyanna Plan by Talli Roland

EBook:  1343kb  (Print edition 237 pages)
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Fiction.
Lake Union Publishing (11 Mar 2014)
Source:  Author in exchange for honest and unbiased review.
First Sentence: Another rejection, Emma Beckett muttered, shaking her head.
My Opinion: Once again she has not failed to make me smile.

I have been reading and reviewing the writing of this talented author since 2010, when she asked me to review her first novel, 'The Hating Game',  Since the publication of her first novel Talli has embraced the importance of social media as a marketing tool for her novels as that is where she finds her target market. I am probably one of her older fans but The 'Pollyanna Plan' is the fifth one I have read and once again she has not failed to make me smile. A good enough reason in my opinion for me to continue to enjoy her writing!

What a safe but boring life Emma Beckett is leading, until suddenly she loses both her job and her fiancé in the same week. Suddenly she finds her world is spiralling out of her control and she has no idea of how she is ever going to cope again. Her best friend Alice, thinks that a happy life is just a matter of attitude, I have to agree that she is right, in many ways. So Alice's challenge to Emma to adopt a Pollyanna attitude to life for a year is a good one.
It was Emma that provided the most laughs for me in this story with her fastidious attention to the details in her life. This well constructed but easy read will I think make some readers realise that a positive attitude to life is certainly helped by trying to find the good in situations when ever you can. Take some risks, it might just change your life and make you happier!

As previously mentioned, I am probably somewhat older than her targeted market. If though you consider yourself young at heart, then like me you may well enjoy her writing.  I find she writes well and that I enjoy her novels, sometimes it is good to try something different. I have come to rely on her novels to provide me with a laugh, my high ratings of her novels are worth it for this factor alone. So if you are looking for a light entertaining read I can recommend this novel and her others as this author has a delightful writing style and she creates some great characters.

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Author Profile

Talli Roland was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, by the age of 13, she’d finished her first novel and received very encouraging rejections from publishers. Talli was very athletic at school and university, achieving provincial records and becoming a Canadian university champion in the 4 × 400 meter relay. After getting her BA, she turned to writing again, earning a Masters in Journalism. 

A few years later, she left Canada behind and settled in London, where she now lives with her husband and their young son.

Her début novel, The Hating Game, was short-listed for Best Romantic Read at the UK's Festival of Romance, and her second, Watching Willow Watts, was selected as an Amazon Customer Favourite.

You can  learn more about Talli in the About Me section of her website.

Biographical, other information and photo are with thanks to the following links where you can find out more about Talli Roland. 

Talli Roland - Facebook Profile    Twitter - Talli Roland   Author's Official Website - Talli Roland

Goodreads Author Profile   Amazon - Author Profile

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