Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bible Girl by E.C. Stilson

Paperback: 230 pages
Genre:  Memoir
Publisher: Wayman Publishing 2012 
Source: Sent to me by the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

First Sentence: 'Looking back, I didn't know I'd run away with a practical stranger, get married at seventeen, or end up as a homeless street musician.
My Opinion: Written from the heart.

In this memoir Elisa  bravely shares with us her coming of age story in intimate detail, by writing this, which is taken from the love letters that she wrote to her husband years later whilst he was working away from home. Documenting the time they fell in love, although published after 'The Golden Sky', it is in fact a prequel. The memoir is like it's sequel written in a very honest and personal way and Elisa bares her soul to the world in these letters. 

Cade, her husband the Bad Boy of the title, came into this innocent young girl's life at a time when being the religious good girl is finding her battling against beliefs and trying to decide what she really wants from life. When this mysterious and mature young man arrives on the scene she just doesn't know if she should trust him, or if his presence is just going to make things worse. She reveals in her writing that it was indeed a difficult time, struggling as their relationship became deeper to stay true to her beliefs. Their love was strengthened by their shared love of music and E.C. Stilson has already published 'Homeless in Hawaii' about the next stage in the relationship. You will have already realised there is a happy ending as he is now her husband but you will have to read the book to find out how this comes about.

I recommend this young woman's writing as written from the heart her books put life into perspective.

My review for 'The Golden Sky'' can be read here here

This young woman's exceptional musical talent can be appreciated by watching this video.
'Famous for a Moment'

Author Profile – Elisa Stilson
bookThe autobiographical information and photo published here was kindly provided for me by the author herself.

Born February 2nd 1983.

Elisa Hirsch has her degree through the University of Phoenix. Her particular degree has a counselling emphasis and she finds it very useful when leading grief counselling groups for parents who have lost children.
For the last six years she owned and operated EC Boutique. Her company received various awards including, Best of Show at the Utah State Fair, Top Ten Award from Boutique Customs Mini Mall and last year on e-bay it was even rated as the fifth largest custom handmade kids' clothing store in the world. Elisa designed and created outfits for children, but has since decided to close her business and work on her writing career.
Elisa plays six instruments; the violin, piano, drums, alto sax, tenor sax and the clarinet. Her husband is also a musician. They love to play at weddings, funerals, coffee shops and restaurants.
She also enjoys speaking publicly and meeting new people. She has spoken at M.O.P.S., been Juliet in the local play and made it to the final three for the Salt Lake Story Tellers contest in 2001. She hopes to continue being asked to speak at functions and counsel people who need help overcoming grief.
Her husband and four beautiful children are a blessing. She is so proud to have them in her life especially since one of her little boys passed away eight years ago. He was born with birth defects and he changed her life. Since his death, writing has become an even stronger passion of Elisa's. She always wrote, even finishing a ninety page manuscript at the age of ten, but now writing is one of her best driving forces. She tries to write for at least two hours each morning and is in a writing critic group as well as the Writers League of Utah.

A young writer to watch take a look at her blog The Crazy Life of a Writing Mum.

A talented couple who went through so much so young, I wish them a successful and happy future together, also thankyou Elisa for asking me to review Bible Girl, it was a privilege to do so.

According to her Goodreads Profile these days Elisa spends most of her time taking care of four rambunctious kids who are better than green eggs and ham. They're pretty darn fun, but despite that, after she had kids, her boobs shrunk, she lost hair, but gained a greater sense of humour!
When she's not scavenging through the vents, which her son—the Zombie Elf—thinks are the best place to hide things, she's sewing, playing her violin, or writing.

The biographical information and photo used in this post are with thanks Elisa Stilson.  You can also find more information about the author her writing and music via the following links.

Amazon - E.C.Stilson Books Page   Author Blog - The Crazy Life of a Writing Mum   Goodreads Author Profile

Twitter - Elisabeth Hirsch    YouTube


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  2. I am amazed at the strength of few people on how they emerge into beautiful souls and how writing heals them.

    Thank you so so much Lindy! :)

    A beautiful review for a beautiful book (as it totally seems to be) Purchasing it :)!

    1. I am so pleased to know that you are buying this one. :)

  3. I think this book sounds like it has touched you Linda, beautiful review. I hope your husband is well and your looking after yourself *hugs*

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