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Build A Man by Talli Roland

Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 499KB
In Paperback: 308 pages
Genre: Humorous Romantic Fiction
Publisher:   Notting Hill Press (5 Nov 2011)
Source: The Author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
First Sentence:  'If I see another set of boobs, I'm going to loose it.'
Review QuoteBuild A Man had characters I really, really cared for, it had an inspired plot (Talli is a plot genius!), it had warmth and humour . . . I can't recommend it enough.  --Chick Lit News and Reviews 
My Opinion
: Talli has a talent for humour.

This is Talli Roland's third novel and the third one that she has kindly sent me for review. I am always happy to oblige, I am probably somewhat older than her targeted market. If though you consider yourself young at heart, then like me you may well enjoy her writing.  I find she writes well and that I enjoy her novels, despite the fact that I doubt I would ever have picked them up from choice in a bookshop.  Sometimes it is good to step outside our comfort zone, you will see from my previous reviews of her earlier books, that I have come to rely on her novels to provide me with a laugh. My high ratings of her novels are worth it for this factor alone.

The Hating Game     Watching Willow Watts

This time although I did find myself laughing, I felt guilty about it due to the issues involving cosmetic surgery that are so brilliantly covered in Build A Man.  After all Botox is not really a laughing matter!

Serenity Holland aspiring journalist is working for her boyfriend until she finds her dream job. Unfortunately she hates her work as receptionist for Peter's cosmetic surgery practice, where she is mainly treated badly by his rich and vain clientèle.  An opportunity comes up for her to use one of her boyfriend's more normal patients as the subject of an article that the tabloid press will be unable to resist. Her ploy works and she struggles with her conscience as she starts to secretly write about this bachelors desire for cosmetic surgery, believing it will change his life.  
The reader will quickly realise that Serenity is in the wrong job and possibly has not made the right choice of relationship either, however it takes a disaster for her to make changes in her life.

A light and entertaining read with characters you will maybe empathise with or at the very least care about. If you care enough,  there is more to come as the sequel Construct a Couple is due out very soon during June, which apparently starts with the future looking much brighter for Serenity Holland.

Author Profile

Talli Roland, has three loves in her life, romantic comedy, coffee and wine. She lives in London, on a street with two Starbucks and, at last count, three other cafes that constantly temp her outside her cosy flat. She has a secret crush on Lord Sugar and if she was forced to wax a man's hairy chest it would have to be Simon Cowell, clearly she watches a lot of reality television. Talli trained as a journalist but soon found she preferred making up her own stories with happy endings.

Biographical, other information and photo are with thanks to the following links where you can find out more about Talli Roland.   

Amazon Author ProfileGoodreads - Author Profile,  Talli Roland - Blog,  Talli Roland - Official Website


  1. Hi Linda,

    I hope that all your computer glitches have been sorted out now and that you are back in 'blogland'.

    I am not sure whether this is a book I would enjoy or not. I have ventured into the realms of humorous fiction on a couple of occasions and the concept of building myself a man does have obvious appeal, a definite maybe then ....!


  2. Not heard of this author before, think I would get on with it. Thanks for reviewing


  3. Fiction-books@ Yvonne I am not sure if I would recommend Talli to you or not, she is indeed very funny but I think outside your normal comfort zone. Let me know how you get on if you decide to read her work.

    Lainy@ I think Talli's writing may well appeal to you, give her a try.

  4. I don't have a Kindle-thingie and I would need one wouldn't I? I am not so into reading a whole book on a computer screen, I love the feel and weight of a goo book. But I would like to read this as I love Talli's blog for its humour...I shall go and search in our Waterstones to see if they have a copy. X

    1. I was delighted to read elsewhere that you have ordered this in paperback Dolly.

  5. I have got this one on my Kindle and must get around to reading it, sounds great. Thanks for the review.

  6. Sounds like a fun read. Might be a nice one for this summer.


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