Monday, April 2, 2012

The Boy Who Made Them Love Again by Scarlet Wilson

Paperback : 186 pages 
 Genre: Medical Romance
 Publisher: Mills and Boon, December 2011
 Source: Gift from the author after an on line conversation
 First Sentence: 'If Abby Taylor had known how the day was                                going to end she night not have got out of bed that day'  
Cover Quote: 'Captivating medical drama with heart'
My Opinion:  Pocket size and more of a novella.

Last November I left the following comment on the Romantic Novelists Association Blog

LindyLouMac in Italy said...
'I was surprised to see so many Mills and Boon titles on this list. As an ex librarian I am afraid they still have a stigma for me and I would not be seen reading one. Although I guess they are maybe different these days.'

Unfortunately although I did not mean to I obviously upset a few people who felt my tone was implying that there was something wrong with Mills and Boon publications.
I of course apologised and I would like to reiterate here that this was certainly not the case, just a matter of personal taste. I have great admiration for all authors and hate offending them. The problem is that honesty on line can set you up for a fall sometimes. I was of course talking of Mills and Boon of thirty plus years ago, when yes light romance was an extremely popular genre and yes it is still a very popular one today. Yes I am sure Mills and Boon is very different nowadays.

Anyway Mills and Boon author Scarlet Wilson was kind (brave) enough to give me the opportunity to read my first Mills and Boon for over thirty years by offering to send me one of her recently published titles.

The Boy Who Made Them Love Again is all about the love of our heroines life, the one that broke her heart and got away. Abby Taylor has recovered from a broken heart and moved on with her life, until suddenly one day Luke Storm walks right back into her life. In extraordinary circumstances they find themselves both working for the White House Medical Team. It is not easy for them as it is five years since they last saw each other, in very different circumstances. It seems they may still be attracted to each other but can they really rekindle what they had between them and do they really want to? 
It was Luke that ended the relationship and he thought he was doing the right thing because he knew he would never be able to give Abby the family she wanted. Imagine his shock when he meets her again to realise that not only does he still have feelings for her but she has a son. If he wants Abby back in his life he needs to build a relationship with not one but two people.

There is obviously a market for these publications, pocket sized novels with mini prices, ( I do not of course know if all the titles they publish are in this format). I think that Scarlett has written a perfect story for that niche of the market.  If you are a fan of light romance I would certainly recommend that you read Scarlett Wilson's novels.

Author Profile

Scarlett Wilson lives on the west Coast of Scotland with her fiancé and their two sons. As she trained as a nurse and health visitor and currently works in public health her background is perfect to write medical romances. 
Her first title It Started With a Pregnancy was published in Sept 2011 and the second reviewed here just a few months later in the December. Her third title  West Wing to Maternity Wing is due to be released in May 2012

Information and photos other than my own are with thanks to the following websites.

Scarlet Wilson - Blog,  and  Scarlet Wilson - Official Website,  where you can read extracts from her novels and learn more about the author.


  1. Luke Storm is a very Mills & Boon name, isn't it?! Like you, I haven't read these books for about 30 years. They were light reads then, and always much of a muchness, but ideal if that is what you wanted. I'm certainly not a book snob at all and, if people enjoy them, that's good. At least they are reading!

    1. I know what you mean Diane, like you I really have nothing against them, each to our choice as it were. I just prefer something to read that will last me more than a few hours.

  2. Hi lindylou thanks for the review even though I realise the book probably wasn't your ideal read. Mills and boon medicals are pretty short between 50000-55000 words. Not a lot of space to cram everything in!

    1. Scarlet, I meant to let you know the review was up and I forgot, so glad you found it. I hope you feel that although I admit to preferring something more substantial myself, I made it clear that you do a good job within the market niche. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to read one of your books.

  3. That was so kind of the author to send you her book - sounds like a fun read!

    1. It was kind of her Susan and I appreciated her doing so. As I said to her in my previous comment I believe she does a good job within the market niche she is writing for.

  4. Hey LindyLou - I just signed up as a follower and a networked blogger... I did not even know there was a sub-genre called medical romance...makes sense though because doctor and hospital shows are big on TV.

    1. Welcome aboard Libby it is appreciated and I look forward to discussions with you. I had no idea either of the existence of a sub genre called Medical Romance until I got into conversation with Scarlet and she told me.

  5. Hi Linda,

    I have to say that I am not a massive fan of what you describe as 'light romance' books, however, ever since I agreed to review a book from this genre for an author writing for the Astraea Press group, I have found myself responding to several requests from many of their other authors.

    These are normally the kind of books that I will read between more challenging novels, or as a break from the crime thrillers which I generally favour.

    I have been surprised by the quality of much of the writing in the modern 'light romance' genre and have been pleased to have the opportunity to promote some of the authors on Fiction Books, however I have no intention of becoming 'typecast' as a romance review site, so will always endeavour to balance these reviews alongside other genres.

    Some of the statistics for sales in this genre are truly amazing and yes, there definitely is a massive market for them out there.

    1. I like to think I have very eclectic tastes and would not want to be typecast as a blog for a particular genre so I do try and vary my reading material. I think though as you say there is obviously a huge market for these shorter romance novels.


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