Friday, December 9, 2011

A– Z Book Challenge 2012 Master List

The Master List of Links to the Book Reviews for the titles I have chosen to read for the A-Z Book Challenge for 2012

    F - French Lessons by Ellen Sussman
    G - Getting Rid of Matthew by Jane Fallon
   H -  The Help by Kathryn Stockett
   I  -  I Alex Cross by James Patterson
   J  -  Jumping to Conclusions by Sarah Challis
  K -  Keeping The World Away by Margaret Forster
  L -   The Last Family in England by Matt Haig
 M -  My Favourite Wife by Tony Parsons
 N -  Ninepins by Rosy Thornton
 O -  One Last Love by Derek Haines
 P -  The Prisoner of Heaven by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
 Q - Queen Camilla by Sue Townsend
 R - A Room Swept White by Sophie Hannah
 S -  Small Wars by Sadie Jones
 T -  Things I Want My Daughter To Know by Elizabeth Noble
 U - Unforgettable Embrace by Joanne Clancy
 V - Veiled Freedom by Jeanette Windle
W - Where The Heart Is by Jeanette Hornby
X -  X by Matt Thompson
Y -  Yours Truly by Kirsty Greenwood
Z - Zeitoun by Dave Eggers


  1. I did this challenge about 2 years ago and it was so much fun. I even discovered some new authors to fill some of the odd letters. Let me know if you need suggestions!

  2. That sounds cool - where do I sign up? I also have a huge TBR to plough through... :)

  3. I think I would love to do this challenge Lindy! Just let me know by when should I let you know if I am doing it..

  4. Melissa@ Thanks for the offer, hopefully it will not be too difficult as this is a Title challenge.

    Rachel@ I hope this challenge is going to help me reduce my TBR. Just click on the badge in post or in my sidebar to join.

    Jyoti@ I understand from the organiser that you may join in any time during the year. Just click on the badge to be taken to the page for joining the challenge.

  5. Linda - well I must say I am slightly shocked (given that I knew you had decided not to take part in any book challenges) but I am also impressed as I think this will be a challenging one. All the best with this one.

  6. Cathy@ I know I am not very strong willed am I! I am hoping it will not be too much of a challenge and that I will find the majority of the letters of the alphabet already sitting on our bookshelves. I hope joining the challenge will encourage me in my own personal challenge to reduce our TBR shelves. We shall see. :)

  7. My goodness, you're brave! :) Good luck with the challenge - it's a great idea!

  8. Talli@ Brave, I hope this challenge is not going to need bravery. :)

  9. MamaMunky@ I am looking forward to starting the challenge.

  10. How do you find "x?" I'm tempted...

  11. BBM@ I think x is going to prove very tricky. I do hope you decide to join us.

  12. I am joining in on the fun too. First time doing the challenge. :)

    NEW FOLLOWER of your blog...nice your green color theme.


  13. Welcome to my book review blog Elizabeth I am delighted you have found me and hope you will find reviews here that interest you.

  14. I finally signed up! My list so far:

    PS I'd forgotten all about this, which is why the post says I only just discovered it, even though I obviously read it here in December...

    1. You are more organised than me at least you have a list so far. I have just read my letter A title and really must get the review posted, maybe tomorrow!

  15. I've very much enjoyed your reviews. If you or any other reviewers embarking on the A-Z challenge would like to read my novel Whorticulture (literary, historical) I'd be happy to send e-copies contact @hotelalphabet

  16. Marie-Anne Thanks for your comment and offer to read your novel. I personally am not accepting any more ebooks for review at the moment, but hopefully you will generate some interest here.


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