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What Goes Around Comes Around by Naveen BC


                        What Goes Around Comes Around


  • Paperback: 237 pages
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Publisher: Frogbooks an imprint of Leadstart Publishing , India 2010
  • Source: Book provided by the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
  • Review Quote: ‘The humour is very pleasant, emotions are well scripted & the language is simple.’ A reader on
  • My Opinion:  I doubt I would have chosen to read this if left to my own devices and I am sorry to say it was a disappointment.


I just do not think this is going to appeal to the European reader. It is true that it is not a story that is linked to any particular country but a novel about family, friendship and faith, but I found the style of writing awkward. I suspect this will be a disappointment to the author who kindly sent me ta copy for review. For me it was far removed from what it claims to be on the cover. The language is far from crisp as it feels stilted, maybe this is caused by translation or the fact that the author is writing in a foreign language. There were many times I felt uncomfortable with both the choice of words and the grammar. The simple language used for me was not soft and subtle but hard and grating.  Yes it is a saga of love family friendship and faith but I did not find it at all captivating and for the reasons given already I struggled to get through this novel  Apparently it is interspersed with gems of wisdom  that I am apparently sure to treasure for life and a story I will remember for a long time to come.  Well I am sorry but I have forgotten it already and can therefore hardly recommend it to others.

I do not like having to write such a disappointing review as I know how hard it is for an author to write a novel and I would never put down or criticise their abilities. I think Naveen has the skills but needs to hone them considerably if he wants to break into the world market place.

I have taken the liberty of copying the blurb from the back of the book into this post as it is the best way to show you what we are led to expect from this novel!

Back cover blurb:

A captivating saga about love, family, friendship, and faith - a tender love story of lifelong love between husband and wife, eternal family ties between father and son and inseparable true friendship between young friends that continues through the twilight years. Naveen BC's debut novel is a gospel of faith in true human values. The moving story that spans generations will make you cry and laugh and rebuild your faith and trust in the human species that ancient and modern prophets of doom have often times condemned to damnation.
The crisp and simple language in the novel helps in keeping the tone of the narrative soft and subtle. Naveen steers clear of the pitfall of melodrama, even while describing tragedy like death, which he handles with tenderness and gentleness. Interspersed in the novel are some gems of wisdom - that you are sure to treasure for life. This is one story that you will remember for a long, long time to come.

The story of Peter Wilkins spans generations of the same family, starting with his death as his wealth is left to his  his son, daughter-in-law and grandson. The grandson inherits something special - a book written by Peter Wilkins, "One Star 2 Many" which is presented to us the reader as a book within a book. In fact an autobiography of his grandfather’s life as an athlete, nothing outstanding in this to remember I am afraid to say, apart of course from his gold medal.

I think a lot more could have been made of this novel within it’s basic framework. I have no idea if the author wrote this in English or if it is a translation, but if he wants to appeal to the reader outside India I think it needs improving on. Too late this time Naveen but keep writing.


Naveen B.C.Naveen BC, Photo sent to me by the author.

Naveen is a  graduate in Commerce from Bangalore University he has taken a sabbatical from business as he wanted to complete this book when he was 29 so that he could be called " an author in his 20s", but that wasn't to be. At 30 he feels wise enough to realise that you are known by your work and not by your age.  He chose to write this book to express his creativity and hopes that that this indeed becomes his full- time profession.

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I have registered my copy of this book at Bookcrossing and am now hopeful it will travel the world, let me know if you are interested.


  1. I know this was hard for your to write. The translation could be key, and I hate that for the writer.

  2. I am sorry that the book disappointed you. It doesn't seem like something I would enjoy either. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. Ricki Jill@ It was hard to write yes and to read as the English felt so awkward to me, although Naveen now tells me he wrote it in English.

    Misha@ I had hoped it might interest you!

  4. This book left me speechless in that I could have written it ....repeated use of words / cliches such as "tears began to sting her eyes....the book goes on and on about nothing will not buy another on of her books although I try to support African American authors...dont waste your money.

  5. Thankyou for your visit Netherland, I think it is much harder to write a book than you imply. As you say you purchased and read this I am surprised that you think the author is a she and African/American, see my Author Profile for more information.


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