Saturday, August 21, 2010

Marcus of Umbria



I felt the title and the blurb were somewhat misleading as I was expecting more about Justine's relationship with the dog a female called Marcus, yes really and less about Italian culture. In fact I was unsure if I was even going to like the book as I am not a doggy person and would have been happier had it been publicised as yet another Life in Italy story. As really that is what it is, dressed up as a doggy tale to maybe attract a different readership, no idea why though. It was no surprise to me therefore to read a review where the reader was disappointed as there was too much culture and not enough about Justine's relationship with Marcus.

Despite not agreeing personally with the way the book has been marketed I did enjoy it especially as there was an awful lot I was able to empathise with as an expat in Italy myself.

Justine whilst on holiday in Italy starts a relationship with a local man, Emanuele, and barely knowing him decides to give up the New York lifestyle that she is already disillusioned with to live with him in Collelungo. His family the Crucianis accept her as one of the family, despite the fact that due to the culture shock she is experiencing she finds it very difficult and never truly feels she belongs. I don't think Emanuele ever really felt she did either, when you read that he had a key ring engraved with words from a Bob Dylan song as a gift for her. 'Justine, I love you but you're strange'

The relationship with Marcus comes about because one of the things that Justine found hard to cope with was the rural Italians behaviour towards their dogs. It is not usually that the dogs are treated cruelly it is just that they are not seen as pets, but as animals that have to earn their keep and certainly would not not allowed indoors. It has been like this for generations and is not something that Justine was likely to be able to change overnight.

Unable to adapt to Italian rural life and realising that  she and Emanule, as much as they had been good friends to each other, it was never going to be a lifetime commitment.  With the relationship as good as over she makes plans to return to the USA along with Marcus. What a culture shock for her, the dog I mean, that must have been!

Can I recommend this well it really depends what you are expecting. If you are hoping that her relationship with Marcus will be thoroughly explored and that you might actually learn something from the lessons she learnt, you will I think be disappointed. I never did discover what that lesson was. That is No then but Yes if you want to read a story that despite, the title is focused on Justine's I think realistic portrayal of life in rural Umbria.

As a point of further interest Collelungo is a real place a very small village near the town of Todi in Umbria and I wonder how they feel about the possible publicity for them that this book might lead to.  I have no idea if names have been changed to preserve identities but with a population of less than 200 not sure this would work anyway.

Collelungo.JPGCollelungo courtesy of Wikipedia

I rarely include personal detail about people I mention on my blog as I feel it is an intrusion into their privacy. Maybe it is different if you write a book I wonder how the people concerned felt?  I do not think I have ever considered this aspect before when reading the many other living abroad tales from expats, but somehow this time I was thinking about my neighbours and how I hold back from writing about them in my News from Italy blog.


  1. I love the title and concept of the book, but I agree - it is a bit misleading. Still, I'd be interested in reading it, given your review!

    PS - thanks for your great paragraph on my blog about your reasons for blogging!

  2. Always enjoy your blog..will be visiting more after summer..Husband had a garden and have mercy..things are coming fast and furious..I am baking/freezing/canning..Have a happy day and thanks for the visit..

  3. Talli - As I have mentioned before, always happy to lend you books if I can. This one for instance, just let me know ?

    Rosebud Collection - Thankyou for taking the time to comment, I will look forward to seeing you here again when you are not so busy. I understand as we are battling to keep up with fruit and tomatoes.

  4. I like the title too,shame there wasn't more about Marcus. I've just picked up a copy of Elizabeth Gilbert's new Book Commited, in the house for a week and haven't opened it yet..interested to see how she's following up her freak success blockbuster.

  5. Yes the title did rather lead you to expect a more doggy tale. I have not even read the first book by Elizabeth Gilbert yet, I tend to avoid overhyped books for a long while, although this is now on my wishlist. If I want to see the film at some time, I need to read the book first. Thankyou for visiting and commenting, hope you will be calling by again.


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