Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Juliet Naked by Nick Hornby



This is Nick Hornby writing at his sharp and amusing best, I was laughing from page one with the very first sentence. 'They had flown from England to Minneapolis to look at a toilet'  They being the protagonists of the novel Duncan and Annie an odd couple indeed. Living in a nondescript northern seaside town which seems just about as dull as their relationship. Annie is waking up to the fact that she has just wasted the last fifteen years of her life with a man whose only interest in life seems to be an obsession with a passé singer songwriter called Tucker Crowe. Tucker Crowe is the third person in their relationship and the other main character in the novel.

It is when Tucker Crowe unexpectedly releases previously unpublished work in a new album that Annie finally lets her suppressed opinions bubble to the surface.  She lets Duncan and his obsessive friends know exactly what she thinks on a website dedicated to Tucker Crowe. This sets in motion a set of events that lead to life changing consequences for our three protagonists. I do not believe in spoiling a book by giving away too much, so to find out what happens read it for yourself, if it appeals.

Besides the wit and hilarity, relationships and ambitions are probed in a thoughtful manner and I found myself in sympathy with both Annie and Tucker, though not so supportive of Duncan. He just came over as a complete wimp.

Nick Hornby has created realistic characters in these three, all flawed in different ways and a unique plot on a modern wavelength with the importance of the internet and peoples obsession with celebrities. I found it a different and intriguing novel, that got better and better.

I would love to know what others make of this so I have decided to send this out on its travels.  Two of my friends over on Goodreads have already expressed an interest. So if any of you reading this are keen to read this and would like to join in with this Bookcrossing adventure, please leave me a message.

For those interested I am including some background information.

Nick Hornby, 2009 courtesy of Wikipedia  

Born 17 April 1957 in Redhill, Surrey, England


Video courtesy of YouTube and Penguin Books - Juliet, Naked - Nick Hornby interview

Nick Hornby can also be found on Facebook where he has a Fan page with over 28,000 members!

Official website for Nick Hornby


  1. I loved this book. I've been a big Hornby fan for a long time and this one quickly became a favorite. I thought Annie was wonderfully written. Her life stuck in a rut, but she still had hope. Great review!

    I reviewed it here...


  2. Avid Reader - Thanks for commenting, I am interested in what others have made of this one, so will go and read your review straight away.

  3. What a great first sentence! I used to be a fan of Horby's but went off him for a bit. However, I may give this one a try.

  4. This sounds like a good read!

    I found you from blogflow and am now following you:)


  5. Talli - It seems a lot of people feel he has returned to form with this one. You would be very welcome to join the Bookray I am starting.

    Deana - Welcome thankyou for joining and commenting it is appreciated. I will be visiting your blog as well.

  6. Deana- I forgot to mention that you are also welcome to join in the mailing list for this title, just let me know.


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