Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Chocolate Run by Dorothy Koomson

It is not that long ago that I reviewed another Dorothy Koomson title and I did not enjoy that much either. Oh dear! I only read this so quickly after the last one  'The Cupid Effect'  as I have promised it to a recently made contact on Bookmooch
When I discover for me a new author as I did when I read 'My Best Friends's' Girl in 2006, I often add their back catalogue of novels to my wish-list. This is what I did with Dorothy Koomson as I thoroughly enjoyed the first book of hers that I read. As you can see from my review
The next one I read 'The Cupid Effect'  was disappointing as you will see from my recent review here. I will still leave her other novels on my to be read mountain as there might be one as good 'My Best Friend's Girl!
One can but hope, meanwhile this title I was just not very impressed with and I was already two- thirds of the way through before it started to get mildly interesting.  This is only the third title by her that I have read and I still have two more on Mt TBR . As I have previously mentioned I like to loose myself in a book and with this one I was just unable to do so.  Due to me  personally not any fault of the book, which I am sure fans of chick- lit may well enjoy.
The heroine is Amber Salpone  and she has a passion for chocolate, don't we all but not to the extent that this young lady takes it I hope. She compares people to different kinds of chocolate and in shops  feels the need to sniff it! The other characters are, Jen whom she thinks is her best female friend, Matt, Jen's boyfriend and Greg who is Matt's best friend and Amber's platonic friend. At least he was for a good few years, then they become a couple but keep it secret from the other two, bizarre but amusing. Amber's past has left her with both commitment and trust issues leaving her unable to form new loving relationships therefore  avoiding trouble.
I think I can only suggest this is worth reading if you are already a fan of Dorothy Koomson.
Dorothy Koomson's Website


  1. I read Marshmallows For Breakfast a while back and thought it was just ok, however I loved her latest book The Ice-Cream Girls and recommend that one.

  2. Just ok, that does not sound very hopeful, certainly does not tempt me to move it higher up MT TBR Rhiana. As for her new one I am very much in two minds as to whether to add it to my wishlist or not, but if I ever came across a copy I may well pick it up, thanks for recommendation.

  3. i have a bit of trouble when a theme/metaphor is really overwhelming. it sounds like that might be the case here. but the cover is beautiful!

  4. Priya, you might be right, too much chocolate and not enough plot :)

  5. At first I was disapointed with the seller because it had been a month and I hadn't received the books I ordered. Once I contacted them, they responded quickly and mailed out my missing books which I received very quickly. I'd purchase from them again!

    1. I do not understand your comment at all, sorry.


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