Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Size Matters by Judy Astley

Click to view large image of cover in new window...Judy Astley is an author I have been reading since she published her first novel in 1994. They are generally an enjoyable light romance/ chick lit type novel, nothing brain stretching but usually fun.
This one made me laugh but I think it is far from the best of her novels.
 The protagonist Jay works her way through a selection of diet options whilst awaiting the imminent return of her cousin Delphine from Australia. Jay lives in a chaotic household with her husband three children and almost son in law. She owns together with a friend, a successful cleaning company.
Jay has always been envious of Delphine, not just her thinness but the fact that she was the indulged daughter who had everything she could ever want as a child. Having lived in Australia for many years Delphine is returning to the UK to marry her third husband. It is the imminent return of her perfect cousin that makes Jay decide that she will diet and become more like her, well organised and most importantly thin!  She tries them all High Carb, No Protein,High Protein, No Carb, High Fibre, Wheat Free, Fat Free, Grapefruit, Atkins, Conley and so on, with a variety of successes and failures.
This novel might not have much going for it as a story but what it does provide is well written humour.


  1. I love a bit of fluff, sounds like I might have to try and read some of this lady's books. I confess to have never heard of her until reading this review of yours. Courtesy of a friend, I have recently discovered Catherine Alliott. I've read one book so far, which was easy to read and had me chuckling at some points.

  2. Cathy, if you chuckle at Catherine Alliott I think you will enjoy Judy Astley.

    I am going to put my copy to one side and next time I am in Tuscania deliver it to you. Assuming that is Ok with you?


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