Friday, April 24, 2009

Mosaic by Soheir Khashoggi

Basically a story of love and betrayal as one woman fights for her children. What made this interesting for me was the clash of cultures and traditions as it was set in New York and Jordan. Dina and Karim Ahmedare are from Lebanese and Jordain backgrounds, living in New York they appeared on the surface to have a happy marriage combined with successful careers and a family life together. Or so it seemed to Dina until one day her life is turned upside down when her husband vanishes with their six year old twins, Suzanne and Ali. After a normal day at her floral design business Mosaic she is bewildered to find the appartment empty on her return home.
It seems that Dina was completely unaware of her husbands plans and how he had been feeling about their life together in New York. Ahmed has become very disillusioned with the western lifestyle, especially post 9/11. He is also determined that his younger children should not turn out like their teenage bother Jordan. So feeling that he no longer wants the twins exposed to American culture he has decided without consulting his wife that they should grow up in Jordan. When Dina realises that her husband has kidnapped his own children she turns for emotional support to her best friends Emmeline and Sarah, also both successful career women and mothers. Whilst they are helping Dina in her plight we also learn something of their own backgrounds and lifestyles.
Although I enjoyed the story and was not expecting more than a chick lit style read I would have liked it if the author had developed the characters more. I felt they were all rather superfical.

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